Friday, 9 December 2016

Indian Botanists announces 'Book Review Series' of Non -Text Book Related to Plants.

If you have recently read any book related to Plants, Environment, Agriculture, Climate Change, Food Security, Medicinal Plants and Herbs or any interdisciplinary area thereof and is Non-Text Book, you are encouraged to write a review of the same. Your review will be published on

Please send your confirmation through our e-mail id:
Last date to submit complete review is 31st December 2016.
General Guidelines

 1. Your review should tell the reader what the book is about, why the reader may or may not be interested in it, whether or not the author is successful in his/her intent, and why the book should be read. 
2. It should be more than just a summary of the book’s contents. It should be an involved and informed response to the style, theme, and content.
3. Please do not paraphrase or quote directly from the book’s press materials or dust jacket in your reviews.
4. Word limit : 500-1000 words
5. Your review should be enclosed with the following information: a) Title of book b) Author / Editor / Translator c) Publisher with address d) Price e) 13-digit ISBN e) Year of Publication f) Number of pages in the book.

For any specific query, mail to us:

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