Friday, 22 January 2016

Ped Lagao Desh Bachao (Plant a Tree and Save Country)

Abhishek Kanojia
Kirori Mal College , Delhi University.(Bsc.Botany III YR)

When we talk about SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN we should consider not only the cleanliness. We should also cover the pollution problem. Not only soil and water pollution but air pollution in which botanists can help in better way . Botanists have  knowledge about plants, and can educate people in crop and other green waste management of plant origin which may include how to do composting, how one can install gobar gas plant in nearby society or village house where there this technique is still unknown . Also we can create awareness about the harmful effect of burning leftover in farming fields to farmers and also our city people, gardeners about the burning of green as well as dry leaves in parks which create many problems because of the gases released during the burning of the same .We can educate people about the importance of plants ,by making them aware about that the fruit they eat have seeds which having the potency to give rise the whole tree. People ate fruit with immense pleasure of mango , imli, jamun, papaya but after eating we just throw away their seeds,  we can appeal our countrymen to sow that seeds in near by parks or any available space so that at same time can contribute in purifying air quality of India. All botanist can visit to nearby schools especially from which they are alumni and help in setting up garden especially medicinal or herbal garden with the help of skilled gardener.We can help in park adoption scheme. By helping them in scientific way about the plant and there effects. We can help govt in setting new policy or Scheme "EK GHAR EK PEDH"(एक घर एक पेड़) suppose from 125 Crore Indians if 5-10% of population adopt this scheme can lead to grater achievement. 

After this if we talk about digital India,  botanist can help in this scheme by making e-literature of plants related text ,books. We can make some resourceful material about plant resource utilization in which we can tell people about the therapeutic effects of plants . We can help in making virtual herbarium . So that in coming years there should be less wastage of plants. 

If we talk about aadarsh garam yojna I think adarsh garam should be a village with no waste. Means waste of some process can act as raw material for another process, there should be renewable source of energy, zero green waste from houses as vegetables fruit left over food can be food for animals , the dung of animals can be used to set up gobar gas plants . The plastic should be banned .with some amount of permanent green cover in the village. 

With regard to  Make in India programme we should think about what botanist can do or make in India.We can create the some great varieties which yields so much to meet the nation need and can be exported as well, especially we can develop high yielding varieties of pulses so that in coming years there is no need of importing pulses. We import different type of orchids from other countries, can't we set up certain Institute which can create certain varieties of orchid which can grow in Indian climate other than northeastern part of India where they naturally grow. Today most of the ayurvedic species of plant are endangered we can set up certain machinery for the protection of these germ-plasms. We can help the jute industry to produce so much that people use jute bags instead of polythene bags which is creating tremendous amount of problems. 

We may suggest to the prime minister to bring a scheme where  state chief minister, members of parliament and members of legislative assembly actively participate in environmental activities to give right message to people that Government  is doing something for the environment. And I always says that there can be tremendous amount of pollution problem ...but solution is one plant a tree. ....."PEDH LAGAAO DESH BACHAAO".......

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