Friday, 22 May 2015

What is Biodiversity? Short film by Babul Films.

To commemorate International Day for Biological Diversity 2015, Indian Botanists invited articles, opinions, videos, short film etc. on The theme was selected in the similar line as announced by UNEP and the theme was, 'PLANT BIODIVERSTY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’.

Babul Films released a short film, explaining, what is biodiversity? The same was shared with Indian Botanists. We are pleased to publish the video here, on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day 2015. 'Engaging kids in the film is a great tool for awareness', mentioned Babul Films in tweet to Indian Botanists.

Indian Botanists congratulates 'Babul Films' and  the child actors in the video and encourages them for more such assignments. This video will also inspire many plant lovers, professional botanists to make such short films to explain the issue in a more effective way.

Enjoy the video,

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