Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pure & Eco India : Indian Magazine Promoting Eco-Friendly Living with Awareness of Environmental Issues

Pure & Eco India a magazine from India published by Benefit Publishing Pvt Ltd magazine, Delhi, promotes Eco-Friendly Living, Organics, and the Environment. It imparts information on all aspects of eco-friendly living, while also giving fact-supported knowledge of the Green Business Industry in India. The magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in maintaining a well-balanced holistic lifestyle. It is also a useful tool for industry stakeholders to gain a perspective of the inner workings of the sector and feel the pulse of the market to their benefit. In line with its theme of promoting environment-friendliness and eco consciousness, each copy of Pure & Eco India is printed on 100 % recycled, carbon-neutral UWG paper, certified by the EU-Ecolabel and the Forest Steward Council (FSC).

'Pure & Eco India aims to aid India in become a truly green nation—a model of eco consciousness, wellness and sustainability—through contemporary, informative content, delivered to a widespread readership'. 'Online version of Pure & Eco India (e-magazine) includes various interactive features such as real-time online shopping, audio & video integration, and other reader-engaging features. This means, online readers can watch videos, listen to audios, and shop while inside of the magazine. The e-magazine is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablets and smart phones'. Further, Ms Rutaksha Rawat, editor of the magazine informed to Indian Botanists. She claims that the magazine’s readership is India-wide and Global (USA, UK, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Lithuania).

Maiden issue of the magazine is available online now and can be accessed via You may contribute your photos of yoga posture and also book review on relevant subject. 

'Indian Botanists' wishes a great success to 'Pure and Eco India' Magazine.

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