Saturday, 22 March 2014

Celebrate International Mother Earth Day - 22nd April 2014 with Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal

A number of countries consider Mother Earth as the source of all life and nourishment. Cultures and religions from different part of the world honour the Earth at highest esteem. Mother Earth is a common expression for the planet earth, which reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit. United Nation designated 22nd April as International Mother Earth Day. Since 2009 all the member states of United Nation are celebrating the day to advance the relationship of nature and the earth.
Last year on 22nd April 2013, United Nation General Assembly  hold an interactive diologue to commemorate International Mother Earth Day and discussed different economic approaches in the context of sustainable development to explore a more ethical basis for the relationship between humanity and earth. It is proposed to hold a regular and interactive dialogue during the forthcoming International Mother Earth Day on 22nd April 2014, to advance discussions on Harmony with Nature in order to promote a balanced integration of the economic social and environmental dimension of sustainable development.
Recognising that planet earth and its ecosystem are our home, Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal firmly believes that right from the evolution of  the planet Earth and nourishment of life on the Earth, plants and trees plays an important role.
Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal requests all individuals to observe and raise awareness of International Mother Earth Day in an appropriate manner. We invite students, research scholars, scientists, citizens across the nation to celebrate the Internatioanl Mother Earth Day with us. We invite you to submit the awareness material in various forms on the theme 'Mother Earth and Importance of Plants' . It can be a Popular Article, Essay, Photos, Videos, Short-write-up, Poster or any such material whcich you feel can be published in digital form on Please ask for detailed guidelines through our e-mail.
We have lot of exciting prizes and gifts for you. You have the chance of winning prizes and gifts along with showcasing your talent. You can submit your entries online available on our website or can also send through our e-mail Last date to send yor entries is 15th April 2014.
Note: only citizens from India are eligible for prize and gifts.
 Programme Co-ordinator : Dr Khursheed Ahmad Wani, Section Editor, Environmental Science and Occupational Health

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  1. thanks for the invite Rabish. Right now Babul Films Society is occupied with 29th Mar Earth Hour 2014. Earth Day 22nd Apr is part of our regular event calendar. will get back to you during
    first week of Apr 2014. best wishes for the initiative.
    gangadhar panday


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