Saturday, 7 December 2013

NET JRF -TAKE THE CHALLENGE (Multiple Choice Questions) - ALGAE

1. Intricate shells of silicon dioxide are found in
a) Volvox
b) Diatoms
c) Euglena
d) Paramecium

2. An important single celled green alga widely used in research is
a) Chlamydomonas
b) Chlamydia
c) Chlorophyta
d) Corynebacterium

3. The dinoflagellates belong to the division
a) Euglenophyta
b) Pyrophyta
c) Chlorophyta
d) Phaeophyta

4. Euglenoids are unique among the algae because of their ability to
a) synthesize proteins
b) practice photsynthesis
c) move
d) produce carbon dioxide

5. The paramylon formed in Euglena cells is a form of
a) Amino acids
b) triglyceride
c) polysaccharide
d) tripeptide

6. Paralytic shellfish poisoning can be caused by the toxins produced by
a) Euglena species
b) Yellow green Algae
c) Chlamydomonas
d) dinoflagellates

7. The chlorophyll pigments found in algae are usually cncentrated within cytoplasmic bodies called
a) ribosomes
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplast
d) lysosomes

8. An example of green algae occuring in colonial form is the organism
a) Volvox
b) Euglena
c) Chlamydomonas
d) Paramecium

9. Fucoxanthin is an example of a keratonoid found in the euglenoids

10.Those algae once known as blue green algae are now considered to be types of ___________ .
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