Monday, 30 December 2013

Interview with Rohit Kotadiya - ASRB NET 2013 Qualified Candidate

'Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal' arranged an exclusive interview with Rohit Kotadiya who has qualified Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board - National Eligiblity Test 2013 with 55% marks in unreserved category. We express our heartiest congratulations on his success. This important interview is being presented here which will be useful for the future aspirants of ASRB-NET.

I B B-o-J: Heartiest Congratultions on your success in ASRB-NET 2013 Examination.
Rohit Kotadiya   ASRB - NET Roll No 1810100035

R K: Thank You.

I B B-o-J: Please tell us about ASRB NET Examination in brief.

R K: ASRB NET is National Eligibility Test conducted by Agricultural scientists recruitment board for different 55 disciplines. For the appearing in ARSB NET one must have Master degree in respective disciplines with minimum required marks. Qualified students are eligible for Lecturers or Assistant Professors in the SAUs/AUs. I have qualified ARSB NET in Agricultural Biotechnology.

I B B-o-J: When did you start your preparation?
R K: I started my preparation sincerely before 3 months of ASRB NET exam.

I B B-o-J: What were the areas you focus most?
R K: I concentrated mainly on Molecular Genomics, Cell Molecular Biology, Bioenergetics, Molecular Techniques.

I B B-o-J: Please name some books which you referred during your preparation?

R K: Some of the books which I referred are-

          Biotechnology Expanding Horizons - BD Singh
          Cell and Molecular Biology – Gerald Karp

           Principles of Biochemistry – Lehninger

           Principles of Genetics – Gardner

          Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis – T.A Brown

I B B-o-J: Whats your future plan after you have qualified ASRB NET Exam ?
R K: My future plan is to pursue Ph.D degree and want be a good scientist. 

I B B-o-J: How do you find Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal? How it can help the aspiring scientists?

R K:  I came across Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal recently only and it was really nice to find such a nice Blog-o-Journal. I must congratulate the team of Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal for their effort. Giving more information on opportunities in research areas will help aspiring scientists.

I B B-o-J: What message would you like to convey to the readers of Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal and to future ASRB-NET aspirants?

R K: Work hard consistently.

I B B-o-J: Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us and wishing you all the best for your bright future.

R K: Thank you so much.



  1. can ypu please tell mr from where i can get practice paper for asrb exam?

  2. you can find practice paper from books available for NET preparation

  3. im a postgraduate of msc biotechnology. is asrb helpful to my career?
    thanks in advance.

  4. hello @Rohit Kotadiya First of all congrats for asrb net .
    I have a query plz guide me I have done my M.Sc with botany. B.Sc everything was done with Botany From Guj. Uni. I want to appear for ASRB Net. But i m cofuse because I dont have any idea about if I cleared this exam with plant pathology subject can i appear for asst. prof. in agri.uni.? or they will reject me because of my Masters in botany .

  5. Can you give some tips for ARS interview?


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