Friday, 2 August 2013

Top 20 Plant Science Journals in Google Scholar Metrics

Google Scholar has released Google Scholar Metrics for 2013. The metrics index is for the top 100 publications in several languages, ordered by their five-year h5-index and h5-median metrics. In the english language, 'Nature' has topped the list with score of 349 for h5 -index and and 504 for h5-median score. Under the category of Life Sciences & Earth Sciences top 5 are Nature, Science, Cell, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences and Nature Genetics. Further there are more than 40 sub category under the category of Life Sciences and Earth Sciences which includes agronomy and crop science, plant pathology, botany, ecology, biodiversity and conservation biology etc. Further Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal took a look under the category of Botany. In top 20 journals listed under the category of Botany, 'The Plant Cell Online' holds the top position. Complete list of top 20 Plant Science ( botany) Journals are as follows:

Source: Google Scholar Metrics

Though there are several other metrics available of which the most popular is Journal Impact Factor a part of Journal of Citation Reports (JCR) from Thomson Reuters. Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal requested the list of top plant sciences journal from JCR. We were advised by their representative to subscribe the products to obtain the same.
"The Journal Impact Factors, and associated metrics, are a part of the Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR™) a subscription product from Thomson Reuters. Thousands of institutions and consortia world-wide purchase these data annually. You may already have access to this information through your library’s subscription. Please check with your institution’s library for access to the JCR and if it is not available, please consider subscribing. You can use the Thomson Reuters web site to contact our sales representatives with an inquiry (on your own, or on behalf of your department or institution)", said Lisa Strissel, Editor of JCR in reply of a mail from Indian Botanists Blog-o-Journal.
Credibility of 'Thomson Reuters - Journal Impact Factor' has been accepted worldwide in scientific community complemented with the quality of scientific research paper published in the JCR indexed journal in general and with high impact factor in particular. And on the other hand Google Scholar is bundled with high searchable possiblities resulting in higher accesiblity and citation (?). So which list to follow for your next publication?
" ....depending on who you believe of course. But it’s difficult to argue with the amount of data that Google crunches ...... but you can look at the numbers in the Google table and decide for yourself where you want to submit your next research paper".  Alan Cann,   a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biology at the University of Leicester and Internet Consulting Editor for AoB writes in AoB Blog.

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