Saturday, 16 February 2013

Indian Botanists first to report application of DAMD markers in Citrus

    Indian Botanists Dr. Susheel Kumar and Dr. K Narayanan Nair from Tissue Culture and Cryopreservation Unit, National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi and  Plant Diversity, Systematics and Herbarium Division, CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow respectively have reported genetic variation and phylogenetic relationships among 50 wild and cultivated accessions of 19 Indian Citrus genotypes using Directed Amplification of Minisatellite DNA (DAMD) markers technique. DMAD is said to be reliable and reproducible DNA profiling technique. This technique have been used to study the genetic diversity for various other plants previously.

                       Citrus  [Photo:]

     The report has been published online on Saturday, 16th February 2013 by one of the SpringerLink group Journal, 'Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution'. It is claimed that this is the first report on application of DAMD markers in Citrus.Their study demonstrates the resolving power of DAMD markers for discrimination of individual genotypes of Citrus under its respective species, hybrid or cultivar groups and inferring their genetic and phylogenetic relationships.

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