Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Welcome to Indian Botanists Blog - O - Journal!

 'Indian Botanists Blog-O-Journal' welcomes you all to share a forum which is something more or, different if not more, than to publish and access research article. As a student, researcher, academician, etc. of plant science we experience about nature, surroundings and learn a lot during excursion or any study tour. Moreover, we feel the relation of plants with human life. In laboratory too many a times we may not get expected result with our designed and scheduled experiment but it teaches a lesson, the discipline and many more for the next experiment. All these we always feel to share with our colleagues. This Blog-cum-Journal (Blog-O-Journal) provides you the opportunity for the same. Nevertheless you are free to submit your experiences in a scientific but more precise way.You may choose your submission in the form of write-up, sketches, drawings, photos, videos or any compatible electronic form. Indian Botanists may assure you that you will cherish the moment when and where you will receive any comment for your post and you can continue to interact with fellow botanists and plant lovers which we always miss in the conventional mode of research publications. Indian Botanists do provides space for  your elaborated research article in pdf version. Interview of both young and experienced botanists and plant scientists regarding their achievements will always be an inspirational column. A regular post on book review both the new arrivals and old texts will be an added features.  Indian Botanist doesnotintends to cuff academic gossipmentary, rather it encourages short, incisive, even well-researched pieces which should simply be thought of as a different genre of writing. Please click here to know more about Indian Botanists. 

Send your write-up, sketches, drawings, photos, videos to indianbotanists@gmail.com

You may send request to become a regular author along with a brief biodata and your area of interest. Indian Botanists will not encourage pseudonymity or anonymity. Please provide your correct and complete affliation while corresponding with Indian Botanists. We always welcome your suggestions feedback.

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